Another Anthony Weiner picture leaks, this time taken inside the House locker room

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Anthony Weiner

Last week, we came out swinging in defense of Anthony Weiner, arguing for him to stay in office and urging everyone to honor his right to privacy — which includes the right to dick-tweet. We still feel that way, mostly, but Weiner's making it very, very hard for us. (Too easy). 

Following a highly publicized scandal only two weeks ago in which blurry photos of the Congressman's genitals made it onto the internet, new photos, again taken by Weiner, show him posing bare-chested with a towel around his waist in the locker room of the House Members' Gym. It's good news for anyone who saw the last batch of photos and was only left wanting more; it's terrible news for the Representative and his family, since not only do they have to endure more humiliation, but these photos could be an ethics breach. 

The House Ethics Committee has a "golden rule," which states that Representatives must behave in a way that reflects well upon the institution. These pictures, since they were taken inside the taxpayer-funded facility, are more likely to be seen as a violation of that rule — which could lead to Weiner losing his job. 

For those concerned about Weiner and his admitted sex addiction, his spokeswoman Risa Heller said in a recent statement that Weiner sought "professional treatment" last Saturday morning "to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person." The "treatment" in question has been kept under wraps, but we can only assume it involves being strapped down Clockwork Orange-style and forced to watch Showgirls on repeat.