Another grandchild for Sarah Palin

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britta palin is pregnant

No, no, it's not Bristol again this time. I'm pretty sure she's been re-virginized and now stands as a fearless moral judge over all premarital sex ever. This time it's Sarah Palin's son, Track, who's going to have a baby. His wife, Britta (what is up with Alaskan people's names?), is expecting.

Britta and Track were married two months ago in a lovely ceremony on their favorite ski slope. The curious thing is, Britta looks pretty pregnant in the above picture, don't you think? She seems a little more than two-months pregnant, a time when most women are not yet "showing." Many women choose to wait until they've passed the three-month mark to even tell friends and family, much less have a baby shower.

I know every pregnancy is different, but I'm just saying. Sarah Palin has backed abstinence-only education and Bristol has campaigned against premarital sex. Maybe they should both start a little closer to home.