Anti-choice Personhood Act passes in Oklahoma Senate

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Personhood protest

A severely anti-choice Personhood bill just got one step closer to legalization in Oklahoma, passing with flying colors in the state's Senate. Similar to bills that have been struck down in Colorado and Mississippi over the past few years, the legislation would define life as beginning at conception, thus rendering abortion and possibly certain forms of birth control illegal. In Oklahoma, the bill must now go through the (overwhelmingly Republican) House, and a similar bill is getting ready to go to vote in the Virginia Senate. 

"I have absolute certainty we'll see personhood as law," said the president of Personhood USA. "There's a good chance it could happen this year." Meanwhile, anti-choice activists are busy preparing similar bills in at least a dozen states.

Why the renewed interest in what consenting adult women do with their own bodies via an already-established federal law, you might ask? Apparently it's because the economy is getting better. Numerous political strategists have posited that in the run-up to election season, conservatives are re-directing their focus from the economy, which is actually improving, to ever-controversial social issues.

"It's getting harder for Republicans to run on the economy issue," said one expert. "The stock market's doing well, so they're shifting gears to social issues." Glad to see the people trying so hard to make life and death decisions for total strangers are at least coming from such a place of sincerity.