Arizona bans abortions based on race and gender of fetus

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Arizona has become the first state in the nation to ban abortions based on the race or gender of the fetus, as Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the anti-eugenicist HB 2443 into law on Tuesday. Brewer has signed every other abortion restriction sent to her, so this comes as no surprise, and solidifies her reputation as the anti-Janet Napolitano.

Under the slippery-slope legislation, doctors and other medical professionals could face up to seven years in prison and loss of their medical license if they're found to be collaborating in the termination of less-than-desirable offspring. This adds yet another wrinkle to an already-controversial subject, with proponents of the law touting its anti-discriminatory component, while opponents see it as more biological meddling.

Brian Howard, CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona, said "This law creates a highly unusual requirement that women state publicly their reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy — a private decision they already made with their physician, partner and family." These political roadblocks are getting ridiculous. You either have reproductive rights or you don't.