Arizona Legislature passes “Birther” bill

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Donald Trump

A bill requiring presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship to make it on to the state's ballot passed both the Arizona House and Senate today, in what might be the first Donald Trump-inspired piece of legislation the state's ever seen.

The Arizona Republic reported that various versions of this bill have been floated in the past two years, meaning that while Arizona was passing its landmark immigration bill last year, it was also drafting this gem. Republican state Rep. Judy Burges told the Republic, "It's essential that we bring back the integrity to the office," though the rest of the United States is reportedly unaware that this duty had been assigned to Arizona in particular.

Arizona's Daily Star reports that thirteen other states are considering such legislation, which sadly speaks to the amount of people that still think our nation's highest office is something you can talk your way into without proper ID, not unlike the dive bar down the street where you first discovered Jager.

Things get really hilarious when you read the fine print of the law, outlining the accepted forms of ID: a long-form birth certificate or at least two other forms of accepted proof, such as an early baptismal certificate, hospital birth record, or circumcision certificate. Democratic state Rep. Ruben Gallego wins the sound-bite contest for the issue, declaring that, "You might as well change Arizona to Alabama," and going on to say that the bill makes Arizona appear "backward."