Atheists launch new billboard campaign calling the Bible “a myth”

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Atheist billboard NJ

Remember that wild atheists-versus-Christians advertising war of last year? Well, it may start up again in earnest after the religious folks get ahold of this latest salvo from the non-believers.

My stories from the winter of 2009, beginning on January 8th, were some of the most hotly-debated posts we've ever run and still receive comments to this day. (Hell, even vaguely-related posts about Creationism-versus-science show we haven't talked this one out yet.) But after a few stories about ad campaigns on double-decker buses, both sides seemed to retreat to their respective corners and move on to other matters.

Then the atheists put the above-pictured ad up in North Bergen, New Jersey, just outside the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan, in the hope of snapping people out of their half-hearted belief in the whole Three Wise Men and the special birth and all that jazz. 

David Silverman, the president of [American Atheists], spoke to 1010 WINS Saturday and said the purpose of the billboard was to “attract atheists who are currently in the closet.”

Silverman described the target audience as “people who are secretive not only to their friends and family, but maybe even to themselves about [their atheism].”  [CBS News]

Just to clarify, he doesn't mean they're homosexuals in denial… he believes there are people who are atheists masquerading as Christians, probably under pressure to believe and knowing, deep down, that the Bible is culled from myths passed down from ancient oral histories and mainly a work of fiction and fantasy.

Christians are divided into two camps over the billboards: some are upset over the anti-Christmas message, while others are angry that atheists are attacking their religion.