Bachmann says nice girls don’t ask boys out

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From the frosted pink lips of Michele Bachmann comes another piece of unsolicited sex/dating advice that makes you want to punch yourself in the kidney. While promoting her book on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday, Bachmann explained that she views the concept of girls asking boys out on dates (and, presumably, the concept behind the Sadie Hawkins Day dance) as an ungodly abomination. "People do find out [in my book] that I didn't get asked to my senior prom… In my time, girls didn't ask boys to the prom," Bachmann told Hannity. "If you didn't get asked out, you didn't go."

"Yeah, well, let me tell you, I have a thirteen-year old son," Hannity responded. "Those days have changed big time."

"And our girls [biological daughters Elisa, Caroline, and Sophia, and presumably foster children] are not allowed to do that in our house," Bachmann said. "They have to wait for the boy to call."

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Michele: in my house, we were not discouraged from asking boys out, and I turned out just fine (by which I mean I grew up to be a vulgar, promiscuous, far-left-leaning, feminist, liberal-arts-college graduate who writes snarky blog posts about porn stars on a sex and dating website, but still). This is 2011, not 1892. What are you going to suggest next, that the bridal price should be raised to twenty acres and a pound of pemmican?