New Christmas tree “fee” confirms that Barack Obama hates Christmas

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Obamas christmas

They're singin' deck the halls, but it's not like Christmas at all… since the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved Obama's Christmas tree tax yesterday. That's right, Christmas will be a time of celebration no longer. Your joy belongs to the left, and they're going to tax it.

So just how much is President Grinch asking for his Atheo-Muslim cheer tax? Twenty dollars? Fifty? No, more in the range of fifteen to twenty cents. And the money goes to… promoting the advertising and sale of Christmas trees. 

Maybe you didn't know this was a thing, but the fresh American Christmas tree has a bit of an image problem. Fresh tree sales have declined over the last decade while the sales of artificial trees nearly doubled. I guess it's not surprising. The only advantage real trees had over fake was the smell, but they've got fresh pine scent in an aerosol can, and it's, like, twice as piney. 

Who knows whether the tax will help the dying Christmas-tree industry? All I can say is, after seeing how the Obamas choose to decorate their own tree…

…I'm not surprised by anything anymore.