Barack Obama is living in 2008

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President Obama

Barack Obama is a stressed-out guy, surely. And I bet he signs his name a lot more often than I do. Still, it's a trifle alarming that the leader of the free world has no fucking idea what year it is. 

Earlier today, on his visit to Westminster Abbey, Barack and Michelle Obama signed the guest book. The President wrote, "It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice," in slick, presidential script, signed his name, and then wrote "24 May 2008," which was the date exactly 1095 days ago. Where are aides when you need them? 

Explanations abound. Most probably, he just spaced out. Although, there is a small but distinct possibility that he's had a freak episode of amnesia, which might also explain why he's spent the last week gallivanting around the U.K. drinking beer instead of getting his picture taken with tornado victims.

Also possible: he's quite literally living in the past. 2008 was probably a very fun year in the life of Barry.