Belgian politician proposes sex strike until government is formed

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No sex

After months of fruitless attempts at forming a functioning government, Belgian politicians have decided to up the ante and hit 'em where it hurts. Socialist Senator Marleen Temmerman has asked the spouses of government negotiators to withhold sex from their husbands and wives until a governing coalition is formed

Temmerman, who also happens to be a gynecologist, said she got the idea from a friend in Kenya — a country that enacted a similar "sex strike" in 2009 to resolve political differences. Elections were held in Belgium back in June of 2010, but the disparate parties in Parliament have yet to reach an agreement that would allow the government to operate properly. 

At 243 days and counting, Belgium trails only Iraq and Somalia in the amount of time taken to form a government. In a series of escalating demonstrations, Belgian citizens have already marched for national shame and stopped shaving their beards until a government is created. 

A sex ban may not be as flamboyant or demonstrative as, say, massive rioting, but don't be surprised if you hear tomorrow that the Belgian government has finally resolved its differences for the "greater good" of the nation.