Bill Maher the occupier

Wasn't it last Friday night when television personality Bill Maher and his guests ridiculed Occupy Wall Street for their bongos, lack of a "coherent message," and limited access to the Burger King bathroom next to Zuccotti Park? Well, apparently this week Maher has decided that OWS' ideological promiscuity is just the kind of thing he's into.

"I like it that they're militantly vague," he told Rachel Maddow yesterday.

So what does that mean? In true hipster fashion, Maher managed to explain that statement with a garbled adage that political parties — just like Modest Mouse — are only good in their early, obscure years. Once your party develops into having goals and priorities, you're just one step behind Tea Party extremism (and embarrassingly catchy pop songs, played ad infinitum in Starbucks across America).

Early Tea Partiers and Wall Street occupiers, Maher argued, "were sort of on the same page." They were both young (well, not the Tea Party), beautiful, and disenchanted with the system. Then the Tea Party left their lofty, ambiguous ideals and sold out to corporatism and political platforms. "It just shows how easily the people in the Tea Party can be herded into something else," he said.

In case you needed any more evidence that Bill Maher is OWS' newest occupier, he went on to rail on Tea Partiers like Herman Cain for being rich and ungrateful. "They wouldn't be rich if they didn't have this great country that provides roads and schools," he said. Roads and schools... and parks. And Starbucks! And Burger Kings! Although, he noted, his own richness was a "fluke" — because "what you do is not what makes you rich," apparently.

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Oct 12 11 - 1:36pm
Koch Brothers

Biggest difference: We don't pay for OWS, only the Teabaggers.

Oct 12 11 - 6:47pm

Yeah, we heard you the first time you said that. Do try and come up with another thought a little more quickly.

Oct 12 11 - 7:33pm
Koch Brothers

Back to work, sock puppet. You have trolling to do...

Oct 12 11 - 7:37pm

A Teabagger says what?

Oct 13 11 - 3:03am
Koch Bros.


Oct 12 11 - 2:18pm

Is there any chance of a moratorium on the use of "hipster" as a lame, catch-all adjective?

Oct 12 11 - 2:44pm
Gila Monster

Yes. When they stop being lame.

Oct 12 11 - 6:28pm

@Hey -- THANK YOU.

Oct 13 11 - 7:31pm

Hipsters can be reasonably original. Maher isn't.

Oct 15 11 - 12:57am
Original Ideas

You aren't either.

Oct 12 11 - 8:23pm
911 Hijacker

I like that Bill regards me as "Brave"! Thanks. Death to America.

Oct 12 11 - 10:53pm

We are the real hijackers of America. The true terrorists!

Oct 13 11 - 6:35pm

Yup, I saw a lot of people jumping off the top of a burning building because of JP Morgan.

Oct 14 11 - 2:54pm

I miss the point, as often as possible.

Oct 13 11 - 1:54pm

The Tea Party was always more astroturf than grass-roots. Also, I really don't understand why everyone is so blown away by the 'vagueness' of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It's not any more vague than the Tea Party. The Tea Party has ideals -- less government, lower taxes, balanced budget -- but no resolved way of achieving them. Occupy Wall Street has the same issues but with a different set of ideals (more egalitarian distribution of wealth). Oh, and perhaps the most universal OWS request is hilariously pragmatic -- closing corporate tax loopholes.

Oct 13 11 - 6:36pm

Please name ONE of these loop holes and describe it in detail ... I will then tell you why it exists and how it really isn't a loop hole ...

Oct 15 11 - 10:52pm

Greg, we know you love us.

Oct 17 11 - 1:27am
Obama's Chip

I like how all the Nerve "employees" have stopped using their real names since someone started looking them up on linked in!

Oct 18 11 - 1:42am

Modest mouse is still F***ing awesome

Nov 26 11 - 1:04am


Nov 30 11 - 10:19pm

those were great songs, ftw

Jan 23 12 - 5:30pm

Maher's statements are all wrapped up in the entertainment industry, calibrated to be in a certain way meaningless - occupy wall street and the tea party are symptoms of a great angst that curls around the mind of our stagnated world -