Bill O’Reilly will interview President Obama before the Super Bowl

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In keeping with the presidential custom of granting an interview to the network that hosts the Super Bowl, President Obama agreed to sit with one of Fox's roster of journalists, hosts, and commentators before this year's big game. Last year, when CBS hosted, he spoke with Katie Couric, she who is deeply hated by the Tea Party as part of the "lame-stream" media. (Was I using that correctly? I honestly don't know.) This year… not so much.

That's because Fox decided to call Bill O'Reilly over from Fox News to go toe to toe with the President. This might seem a bit awkward for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that Obama has criticized Fox News on several occasions.

So, will the two men tear each other apart on national television right before the biggest yearly sporting event in the US? (The theme of the evening could be "Modern Blood Sports.") It's possible, but probably not. Obama's been interviewed by O'Reilly before, and they both seem to get along well enough. Here's a clip from one of their first meetings all the way back in September 2008: