Amazing Twitter feed mocks Bloomberg and his ability to espeak the Spanish

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Michael Bloomberg

It's hard to be the mayor. You have to give press conferences, evacuate people when it rains too hard, and learn tricky foreign languages that are spoken by something like ten percent of your electorate. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, a questioner asked New York's mayor, Bloomberg, about ElBloombito, a Twitter feed dedicated to mocking the mayor's Spanglish

To his credit, Bloomberg laughed about it, and had the balls to attempt to answer the question in Spanish. Not to his credit, his Spanish is pretty abysmal. But, understandable, in a dumb fourth-grader kind of way, and much more than most U.S. politicians would do. And moreover, at least he's recognizing that the onus is on him to try to learn some Spanish, since such a huge number of New Yorkers speak it. (And, you know, because we're a country of immigrants that doesn't have a national language.)  

That, however, is not really the point. The point is that the Twitter feed in question, @elbloombito, is splendid, and you should all really read it. A choice excerpt (and the press conference) is below. Que todos lo enjoyeo!  

El Bloombito