Bloomberg will officiate a gay wedding for his adviser

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Bloomberg, Feinblatt, Mintz

Now that same-sex marriage is actually legal in New York, lawmakers are rolling out the red carpet to make newly eligible-for-marriage couples feel welcome. On the heels of the news that state offices will stay open on Sunday, July 24 to honor the first day the marriage-equality bill goes into effect, Michael Bloomberg has announced that he'll officiate the wedding of his chief policy adviser, John Feinblatt, to his longtime partner, John Mintz. 

The couple hadn't actually been engaged, but after the passage of the bill Bloomberg came up with the idea himself, and Mintz said, "John and the mayor popped the question." The couple, pictured above with their two daughters and Mayor Bloomberg, will be married at Gracie Mansion, and had previously held off traveling out-of-state for a legal marriage. "Our relationship is about New York, choosing to raise our kids here is about New York, our jobs are about New York," said Feinblatt.

Bloomberg has only presided over two weddings in the past, one for his own daughter and one for his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani. "John and Jonathan are two of the smartest and hardest-working people in our administration,” he said, “This just felt like the best way for me to say thank you." And thus, we have a winner for feel-good story of the week.