Boehner asks Obama to compromise on jobs bill with weird passive-aggressive “note”

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John Boehner jobs bill note

For a second, it sounds refreshing and totally unlikely: John Boehner wants to compromise with Obama to pass a jobs bill? But, before you slap him on the back, remember that Eric Cantor and House Republicans actually bucked standard legislative practice by refusing to even vote on the president's job bill. Now they're asking him to rewrite parts of it that they kind of like so that they can consider voting on those. In other words, it's obstructionist shenanigans as usual. However, it did produce a pretty choice example of passive-aggressive note writing

The office of the speaker released a statement today saying that the president's job bill — asking for $447 billion of spending and prompting Obama's funny "pass this right away!" speech — is dead in the water. Along with it, they released this graphic, making fun of all the things the president has done to try to get it passed. 

Now, there are a number of things I could point out. Like that this seems childish and divisive. Or that it's depressing that the party of the filibuster has made it okay to sidestep due process and not even bother to vote down things you don't like. Or that I think we really need this jobs bill. 

But instead, I just want to say say two things. First, can we put a moratorium on using #Twitterspeak IRL? (I love you, #OccupyWallStreet, but I stand by my position on this one.) And also, speaking of passive-aggressive notes, does everyone remember how great this is