Canadian politician criticized for showing a modest bit of cleavage

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Christy Clark

Female, Canadian politicians better throw on their best turtlenecks and maxi-length skirts or else risk that the internet police (the mightiest, opinionated police around) might criticize their latest wardrobe choices. Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, learned this the hard way when she wore a (gasp) V-neck blouse to work and revealed a modicum of cleavage in the process. This prompted retired politician and pundit David Schreck to tweet "Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?"

Even the Calgary Herald got in on the boob-bashing action. According to an editorial:

"It's not that B.C. Premier Christy Clark was showing an inordinate amount of cleavage in the legislature Wednesday, but she might want to eschew V-neck tops for a style that won't risk compromising her professionalism and stature in the eyes of some."

Because an inch of revealed skin is totally the most significant news story worthy of media coverage. Canada, how we envy your moose-filled land.

There's technically no dress code for the legislature, but let's just hope a male politician would get the same amount of grief for wearing baggy pants or not wearing a tie or any other fashion faux-pas.