Check out Jon Stewart’s brilliant sabotage of Jon Huntsman’s Twitter Q&A

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Jon Huntsman — also known as "the other Mormon running for president," also known as "the former ambassador to China," also known as "who?" — decided to hold a "Twitter townhall" yesterday in an effort to reach out to the youth, I guess. (Honestly, can you really have substantive political questions or answers in 140 characters or less? Answer: no.) All people had to do was tweet a question at Mr. Huntsman using the hash tag #Q4Jon; pretty simple, really.

Except Jon Stewart and the people over at The Daily Show decided to have a bit of fun with the situation, and so the show's official Twitter account sent out this message just a little while before Huntsman's Q&A was supposed to begin:

Now, you might think this is hilarious and in good fun or you might think it's demeaning and inappropriate. But you have to admit one thing: that was a freaking brilliant way to play a prank over Twitter. I refuse to hear arguments to the contrary.

For what it's worth, Huntsman did get a lot of townhall-ing done and seems to have taken this Twitter ribbing in good stride (which is more than can be said for some politicians):

Aw. It almost makes me sad that he's got no chance in hell of winning the primaries.