Christine O’Donnell forms new PAC to “investigate” left-wing groups

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Christine O'Donnell is back, and she's casting a rhetorical spell on supporters as she seeks donations for her newly-formed ChristinePAC, whose aim is to "investigate and counter attack left-wing groups."

In an email to supporters, O'Donnell hyperbolically claimed that the "Battle of Delaware 2010 sent shock waves throughout the nation," and asked for their "immediate and generous donation." ChristinePAC's home base is, fittingly, her Delaware home, and the former enemy of self-pleasure is already under federal investigation for allegedly using $20,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses and rent.

In her letter of solicitation, O'Donnell stated that her organization would investigate those groups "funded with one million dollars or more from billionaire leftist George Soros." And everyone knows the Pavlovian reaction that the name "George Soros" evokes for a certain segment of the political spectrum. It's almost as bad as "Nancy Pelosi." O'Donnell also wrote, "The Left keeps after me because they consider strong, Republican women a danger to their status quo," sounding like a hopeful self-fulfilling prophecy and bid for relevance. She claimed that President Obama and the White House considered her "their number-one opponent," and trotted out quotes in her defense by former cocaine addict Larry Kudlow and noted astronomer Bill O'Reilly. Keeping Up With Christine can't be far off.