Colbert Super PAC releases “Mitt the Ripper” attack ad

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Proving that not all political ads induce nausea, Stephen Colbert, who recently announced that he's exploring a run for President (of South Carolina) has a new ad out targeting front-runner Mitt Romney.

Colbert's been parodying the existence of Super PACs just by running one, lampooning the nonsensical rules, ethical vacuum and lack of accountability that PACs operate under at every turn. Now, having recently turned the reins of his Super PAC over to Jon Stewart thereby creating the "Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC" he's freed himself up to run for whatever public position he likes and the Super PAC, since he's no longer "coordinating" with it, is free to run ads on his behalf. Isn't democracy incredible?

The PAC's latest ad sends up Mitt Romney's belief in corporate personhood by contrasting it with his history as a corporate raider and dismantler, stressing the question: Mitt, if corporations are people…why are you killing them?