College students think all gay professors are politically biased

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Mr. Garrison

Everyone knows that the decision-making skills of college students are questionable at best (see: Four Loko). Now it turns out that they're not even that good at passing judgment on their professors, even though that's what academia's all about. A new study at the University of Houston found that when given just a professor's syllabus and a bio to go on, students largely perceived gay professors to be politically biased. From the write-up:

"The students were then asked to evaluate the professors (based on the syllabus review) on various factors, one of which was political bias. On average, the students found the syllabus to suggest a political agenda when the instructor was gay, but no agenda when the instructor was straight."

For some reason, this reminds me of the time I went to college, and every single female professor forcibly removed and burned my bras when I came to class. That's how it works everywhere, right?