College Young Republicans president sends offensive tweet about Obama…again

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With the debate about the value of a four-year college education still raging, some students, like Cassie Wright at the University of Texas, are doing their part to reassure parents that their $50,000 per semester are not going to waste. A month after former UT College Republicans president Lauren Pierce infamously tweeted that the prospect of an Obama assassination was "tempting," Wright, who recently replaced Pierce as president, did her predecessor one better by sending a tweet that was not only inflammatory, but racist. "My president is black, he snorts a lot of crack. Holla #2012 #Obama," Wright tweeted on December 18.

Wright has not officially confirmed that she sent the tweet, and her account is now protected; however, HuffPo managed to get a screenshot of the offending tweet before the settings on her account were set to private. Although some of Wright's classmates and family members have defended her, arguing that her Twitter must have been hacked, the joke was retweeted by none other than Pierce herself, who is still serving as secretary of the statewide Texas College Republicans. 

If you find it difficult to believe that two students at the University of Texas — a school that US News & World Report ranked the 45th best university in the nation — could possibly be this stupid, then you clearly have not spent time in a college dormitory recently, where the conversations mostly revolve around which $3 bottle of wine gets you drunker, and who, in your circle of friends, can grow the best beard.

But the level of idiocy behind two outrageously offensive tweets in the same month from members of the same campus group, transcends typical college-student stupidity. These poor kids have to step away from their smart phones and haul ass to the nearest sensitivity-training session, or at least to the nearest undergrad creative-writing class, 'cause Cassie, baby, if you try to rhyme "black" and "crack" in workshop, those bitches are gonna destroy you.