Congress might restrict doctors from learning abortion techniques

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As if it weren't bad enough that Republicans want to restrict the conditions in which you can have an abortion, they now want to prevent doctors from even knowing how to perform them in the first place. Congress is set to vote today on an amendment that would stop federal funds from being used to train medical residents from learning abortion techniques. It's part of a larger bill that impacts overall funding for medical students. According to Rep. Virginia Foxx:

This amendment ensures that the grants being provided to teaching health centers are not being used to perform elective abortion, makes it crystal clear that taxpayer money is not being used to train healthcare providers to perform abortion procedures … When the liberal Democrats rammed through their government takeover of healthcare, in an unprecedented fashion, they refused to include longstanding pro-life provisions.

Um, pro-life provisions? I get that they've existed in the past, but the last time I checked abortion is perfectly legal.

To give some perspective on how damaging this bill could be, Medical Students For Choice estimates that, "ninety-seven percent of family practice residents and thirty-six percent of Ob/Gyn residents have no experience in first-trimester abortion procedures." Do we really need even fewer doctors taught about the procedure? The bill also puts women's lives at risk in instances when a pregnancy needs to be terminated to save the mother, because the chances of finding someone who knows how to do it will be way more limited. Way to put purported morals above women's health and lives.