Conservative group calls for boycott of “vulgar” “Schweddy Balls” ice cream

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American Family Association affiliate One Million Moms has called for a boycott of Ben & Jerry's new Schweddy Balls ice-cream flavor, writing on their website that "The vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive." Schweddy Balls, whose name is derived from the indelible SNL skit, of course, is being distributed nationwide for a three-or-four-month test run, and may get further batches depending on its reception.

It's no surprise that the conservative group would find the playfully-named dessert misogynistic and in poor taste; after all, this is the same group that found the special edition of Chubby Hubby called Hubby Hubby offensive for celebrating gay marriage. Ben & Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood said, "The name is irreverent. But we've always been about having some irreverence and having some fun… We're not trying to offend people. Our fans get the humor."

The thought of someone shielding their kids' eyes as they stroll down the ice-cream aisle is kind of silly. Skit participant Ana Gasteyer, a mother of two children, said, "As a person and a performer, I am a sucker for holiday balls. And I have no doubt this ice cream will cause many to scream 'Good Times.'" After Weinergate and now, Schweddy Ballsgate, lovers of suggestive puns may need some time to recover from all the excitement.