Conservative group releases insanely racist, sexist campaign video

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Naturally, it's called "Give Us Your Cash, Bitch." California conservative group Turn Right USA (the same good folks behind this gem) released the above clip as an attack on Janice Hahn, a Democrat running to replace congresswoman Jane Harman when she retires.

The Republican Party is already distancing itself from the clip, which features a Hahn lookalike stripping for African American "gang members" with bottomless supplies of dollar bills and rifles. Technically, this is some sort of reference to previous policy of Hahn's, but "Give Us Your Cash, Bitch" is far enough removed from reality to blow any real political discussion out of the water and just upset every single person who lays eyes on it.

Ladd Ellinger, the man who created the video in conjunction with Florida-based rap outfit Splack Pack said that he produced the clip in order to "see how much controversy we can stir up." Glad to know someone out there is still fighting the good fight.