Conservative politicians hotter than liberal ones, says science

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Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Ever since you lost your bid to become president of your middle school's French club to that stupid pretty boy Brian Henderson, whom you hate, you've had an inkling that politics are little more than a hot-or-not contest. And one study kind of confirms this, claiming that conservative politicians are more attractive than liberal ones. The study, which asked Americans and Britons to rate Finnish politicians based on their looks, went on to observe that the attractive candidates tended to benefit from a "beauty premium" in the voting booth.

How do they explain this phenomenon? They can't, but they have a theory:

"People who are seen or consider themselves to be beautiful tend to be more anti-egalitarian and hence more attracted to right-wing politics. … Good-looking people are more likely to perceive the world as a just place (since they are treated better than others) — and are therefore inclined to embrace conservative opinions."

The researchers have extrapolated their findings to make a general observation about The Way We Live Now: "Our study and previous research confirms the effects of beauty in Western culture are universal." That "previous research" found that "in the business world… better-looking people earn an average of fifteen per cent more than those deemed less attractive," which means that Brian Henderson is still out there somewhere, being better than me you.