Conservative women outraged at Elle magazine for calling them “Baby Palins”

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Sarah Palin

Women's fashion magazines don't usually dabble in politics, but when they do, there's bound to be controversy. Elle magazine learned this the hard way. After running a four-page article on accomplished, young Republican women (including Fox commentator S.E. Cupp, conservative radio host Dana Loesch, and Independent Women’s Forum executive director Carrie Lukas among others) entitled "The Best and the Rightest" they received quite a bit of criticism from the subjects themselves after labeling them "Baby Palins."

Apparently these women are arguing that there is a more nuanced spectrum of political beliefs among female Republicans. Plus, you can't really blame them for not wanting to be lumped in with one of the most ill-informed and inarticulate politicians in recent memory. But at least it's better than being called a"Baby Bachmann," right?