Conservatives angry about Obama kids’ “Japanese” lunch menu on Pearl Harbor anniversary

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Today is the seventieth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a dark day in U.S. history that led directly to our involvement in World War II. (It also led to that terrible Ben Affleck movie. The hurt just keeps on coming.) But it seems that not everyone in our fair nation condemns this heinous act. In fact, elite D.C. private school Sidwell Friends apparently decided to show their support for the Imperial Japanese Army with a pan-Asian lunch menu. Behold:

And who do we know who goes to Sidwell Friends? Oh, that's right: notorious Axis defenders Sasha and Malia Obama. Naturally, conservative outlets like the Drudge Report picked up on this — giving it space right under its coverage of a veterans' memorial service, in fact — and lots of people seem quite upset! Here are a few indicative comments:

"Sounds like they must be getting a great education, too….effing STUPID!!! And to use a phrase the insane left throws out "It's INSENSITIVE"!!!!!!"

"Can't wait for the halal on prayer rugs next Sept 11…… mmmm. Tasty."

"Hahahahaa, nothing the Liberals do now shocks me anymore. Normally on Veteran's Day the President hangs around with the VFW, Barack Hussien Obama aka Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is now, was nowhere to be seen."

The school has already made a statement about how an outside contactor handles their (randomized) cafeteria schedule, and it in no way meant for the food its students will spend all of twenty minutes picking at to be a statement about Pearl Harbor. And I will make a statement about how "Szechuan Tofu" is a Chinese dish (at least nominally) and China was our ally in WWII. But history and geography are hard while lazy racism is so easy! (Pretty sure Barbie said that.) So you can't really blame people for being upset.