Herman Cain unintentionally quotes The Simpsons Movie at a rally

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Raisin Cain

There's a new campaign strategy trending in the GOP: when your numbers go down, say something crazy! Voters love zaniness — just look at what it's done for Rick Perry — and though Herman Cain is no stranger to absurd gaffs, it seems he's really cranking up the silly dial since his polls have dropped. The Cain Train may be robbed, wrecked, derailed, or otherwise screwed and immobile, but Herman Cain's rhetoric is only getting more outlandishly un-Presidential.

At a New Hampshire rally yesterday, Cain built on his growing "Presidents don't need to be aware of facts" platform, adding:

“Who knows every detail of… every situation on the planet? Nobody! We need a leader, not a reader."

That. Is. Absurd. That is too absurd to even explain why it would be absurd. There is not a shred of warrant for me to have to make an argument on how absurd that is.

The trending "crazy declaration" strategy has one caveat: the crazy things you say must be original. If you're going to make people laugh about your policy platforms, you've got to make them laugh hard with one-of-a-kind zingers. That's why "leader, not a reader" seemed so great! It's funny because you can't lead if you're reading, and because "read" and "lead" rhyme. 

But Herman Cain broke the rule. At least, it sure looks like he did. As an attentive MSNBC anchor pointed out today, "leader, not reader" isn't a Herman Cain original. It came from The Simpsons Movie. 

Way to go. I actually kind of hope this was deliberate plagiarism and not just coincidence.