Dog-upy Portland combines Occupy Wall Street, Portland, dogs

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A small group of pissed-off Portlandites (Portlanders? Portlandians? Portlandim, to use the Hebrew plural form?) gathered outside a Bank of America branch to convince passers-by to take their money out of big banks, later moving on to demonstrate outside Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank branches. Unlike at the Zuccotti Park protests, however, neither nightstick-toting NYPD officers nor Anne Hathaway made an appearance at the gathering. The protesters were, however, accompanied by ten of their dogs, who arrived at the Dog-cupy Portland rally wearing signs that read, "Tax the big dogs," "move your bones to a credit union," and "nobody mounts the 99 percent." 

Seriously, if this doesn't become a thing nationwide, the OWS movement is doing itself a huge disservice. Who's gonna arrest or hassle or pepper-spray an adorable dachshund wearing a sweater emblazoned with puns, protesting against corporate greed? A soulless monster, that's who. Check out the socially conscious canines (and feel free to make up your own groan-worthy Wall Street fat-cat puns) below.