Donald Trump considering running for president, again

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Donald Trump at CPAC

The notoriously haired real-estate tycoon is considering running for President, again. At a recent Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump informed the crowd — the majority of whom were Tea Partiers —  that he "hasn't ruled out a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012." Trump went on to say: "America is missing quality leadership; I am well acquainted with winning," which coincidentally, may also be the greatest tag-line in history. 

The Don's speech seemingly won over the crowd. Much of Trump's speech was devoted to self-promotion as he spoke of his credentials as an entrepreneur and a businessman. "We need a competitive person. We need a highly competent person or we're going to have serious trouble very quickly," he said. Trump had the crowd eating out of his hand until he struck a tripwire, telling them that Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican from Texas, could not win the presidency. The cheers turned to catcalls. "I like Ron Paul, but he has no chance of getting elected," Trump said.

I dare you not to adopt "I am well acquainted with winning" as your personal mantra for the week. It's already written on my mirror in lipstick. Thanks, Don!