Donald Trump may be running as a third-party candidate

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Donald Trump

GOP, it's time to bid farewell to  your favorite nutso tycoon. Donald Trump switched his voter registration from Republican to unaffiliated on Thursday, making him next year's likely oddball independent candidate for president.

Trump's spokesman Michael Cohen told the press that Trump would consider his position in earnest after the finale of The Apprentice in May 2012. (Because, like any good presidential candidate, he places a reality show on the lowest-rated broadcast network before actually planning a campaign.) He's also sticking to his strategy of jumping in the race only if the Republicans fail to nominate someone whom he believes can defeat Barack Obama. In that case, Cohen says Trump would use his bags of cash and gold bars to "even the playing field" with Obama's re-election campaign.

All this news comes less than two weeks after Trump canceled his debate moderation gig, since he only got RSVPs from Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Which basically makes Trump the smelly third grader none of the GOP elite likes. So his exit from the Republican Party may make sense, but I am still neither mentally, physically, or spiritually prepared for a Donald Trump campaign ad. Sigh. Guess it's time to start readying myself. Where's my "Obama, you're fired" T-shirt?