Douche-Feud of the Week: Donald Trump vs. Karl Rove

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True confession time: I love seeing people fight. Not because I'm particularly mean-spirited (though I am), but because I love watching people make fools of themselves trying to out-insult or out-punch someone else. And bonus points are awarded when both people in the fight happen to suck, profoundly. Case in point: the latest conservative couple in a tiff, Donald "Birther" Trump and Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove.

Rove went on Fox News Monday night and proceeded to rail against an upcoming Republican presidential debate moderated by the Donald.

"We've got a guy who is not only saying 'I'm going to make a decision about who I'm gonna endorse shortly after this debate and I'm already leaning someway — and I may run myself,' and we expect him to be the impartial moderator of the debate?"

Possibly anticipating Trump's lack of credibility and/or personal unpleasantness, Jon Huntsman (who I actually like, despite his not having a snowball's chance in hell — he admitted he believes in science! Ha!) and Ron Paul have both rejected their invites to the debates, which Trump responded to with a characteristic lack of self-awareness, referring to them as "joke candidates."

Rove continued:

"This is not a newsman, this is not somebody who's gonna sit down and meticulously prepare for this like a Bret Baier would do or some of the other anchors would do…This is a man who says himself that he's going to potentially run for president of the United States starting next May. Why do we have that person moderating a debate?"

Then Rove went for the kill shot: "I suspect this will have the smallest viewership of any one of the debates this year," he said, and he's got a point. Trump's debate will be airing on ION, a network best known for formerly being PAX and syndicating lots of boring cop shows your mom likes.

Trump, for his part, quickly fired back:

"Karl Rove gave us George Bush and George Bush crashed and burned and because of that we have Obama. The Republicans need to get rid of Karl Rove and they need fresh blood because Karl Rove is going to lead them into doom."

Doom, he says. Doom. Anyway, Trump will be on On the Record tonight, where the feud will almost certainly escalate. I can't wait.