Enjoy Victoria Jackson’s insane visit to Occupy Wall Street

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Victoria Jackson terrifies me. She's either the best character actor since Andy Kaufman, or she's genuinely insane and an idiot to boot. But insane idiocy has yet to stop anyone from doing anything, and she somehow still manages to get a camera to follow her around. Case in point: her visit to Occupy Wall Street. 

This is either brilliant comedy or lunacy.

Some of her best quotes:

"I'm gonna try to tell the people on Wall Street about Jesus."

"The real issue is, Obama is a Marxist and he's stirring up racial divide [sic] and uh, class warfare, on purpose."

“Okay, you want to everyone to be equal? How are you going make everyone equal in good looks and smart brains? Everyone’s not created equal.”

You might want to break this up into installments, because her voice has not gotten any less grating with time.