Everyone has already forgotten that they’re mad at Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh

Do you remember about a month ago when you (and everyone else) were just so mad and disgusted with Rush Limbaugh for calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a slut and demanding she film herself having sex in order to justify birth-control coverage? If you're anything like his advertisers, probably not.

"I think certainly the pressure has been reduced," admitted Angelo Carusone of Media Matters, which has led much of the ensuing boycott against the Hutt-like radio host. "Obviously the intensity is gone, but the engagement remains high." Even so, national advertisers who pulled their ads from the show for two weeks are now returning to Limbaugh's program, and data indicates that most advertisers who publicly distanced themselves from his show were only minor or local sponsors to begin with.

"Contrary to the wishful thinking of the professional special interest groups, reports of sponsors fleeing the Rush Limbaugh Show are grossly exaggerated," said a spokeswoman for Premier Radio Networks. "In fact, the program retains virtually all of its long-term sponsors who continue to have great success [with the show]."

Limbaugh has even received an endorsement from emboldened Clear Channel chief executive Robert Pittman, who called him "the king" of talk radio and brushed off the widespread public outrage as "part of the normal day-to-day of talk radio." 

Carusone warned that pressure to enforce "accountability" and "consequences" on Limbaugh would continue, but as public attention wanes, sponsors have by and large taken the opportunity to slink back to their original spots on the program.

Is there anything short of nuclear apocalypse or some kind of fatwa that can slow down this bloated, ignorant dynamo?