Everyone is skipping Donald Trump’s debate and he ain’t happy

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Donald Trump is like the delusional kid you knew in high school who was convinced he was popular, and for some reason no one had the heart to tell him otherwise. Now that he's published a self-aggrandizing book where he opines about each of the Republican candidates as if his words have any real clout, it's even more funny that only two of them have agreed to attend the debate he is hosting.

Rick Perry has most recently declined Trump's invitation, and before that, cool kids Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Jon Huntsman also passed on it. So that leaves Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum to debate each other on an obscure TV network for the guy that everybody — jocks and nerds alike — hates. I didn't think I'd ever agree with anything Karl Rove would have to say, but this I can stand behind:

"It’s going to be on the 27th of December. People are still going to be digesting their turkey and playing with their presents. It’s on a cable network that’s not well viewed and it’s going to be a giant ego trip and anyone who thinks Donald Trump is going to be the equivalent of Brett Baier or any one of the other moderators we’ve had is kidding themselves."

Apparently Donald Trump is very disappointed in Michele Bachmann for standing him up, and has accused Mitt Romney of lacking the courage to do the debate. So I ask: if a Trump yells in a forest with no one around, did he make a sound?