FBI training manual encourages agents to break the law, avoid Asians

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After a lengthy review of the FBI's instructional material to the war on terror, it's come out that agents are encouraged to break or suspend the law in their hunt for terrorists. Basically, that whole "innocent until proven guilty" anti-'Merican boolshit? The FBI's been ignoring it all along! God Bless America. And Toby Keith.

If that doesn't sounds shivers down your spine, the very same source of materials claimed that agents should: "Never attempt to shake hands with an Asian. Never stare at an Asian. Never try to speak to an Arab female prior to approaching the Arab male first." The second part I could understand; the rules and customs concerning women are different in some subsections of Islam. But… never shake hands with an Asian? Where did that come from? Now, granted, the last time I high-fived an Asian, a symbiotic alien goo shot out of their fingertips straight into my face and instructed me from within my own mind to walk to the White House and kill the president, but I just assumed it was a cultural thing that I didn't understand, and it doesn't dissuade me from wanting to touch Asians. 

Not all FBI agents are happy with these strange (and pretty fuckin' racist) rules, though. FBI Director Robert Mueller says agents who blindly follow these rules could end up, you know, alienating and endangering an entire culture. 

"…there is a real risk that agents will be operating on false assumptions about Arab Americans and American Muslims. This could harm counter-terrorism efforts by leading FBI agents to target individuals based on their religion or ethnicity, rather than suspicion of wrongdoing." So not all terrorists are Muslim and Arabic? Remember Timothy McVeigh? That kid looked like Dewey from Malcolm In The Middle. Um… that's all. It should be said, though, that when you have a section in a PowerPoint that warns against the "Jekyll & Hyde temper tantrums" Arabs allegedly have, then, yes, there is reason to worry that FBI agents will unfairly target the wrong people. 

Senator Richard Durbin, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee overseeing the FBI, believes it's "stunning that these things could be said to members of our FBI in training. It will not make them more effective in their work and won't make America safer." And how! We have to put our faith in the brains of the FBI trainees in question and hope they take what they're reading with a grain of salt. Don't believe everything you hear, after all: the truth is out there.