Florida mayoral candidate deemed unelectable because she’s unmarried

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What's the number-one reason Rose Ferlita is unfit to be your mayor? She's (gasp) single. That's what a recent mailer warned residents of Tampa, Florida. Ferlita, the flier claims, puts political ambitions first and has "suspect family values" (could that be code for lesbianism?). In other words, being a lady with lofty career goals and political aspirations is a big no-no, unless a dude puts a ring on it first.

To make matters even weirder, Ferlita is the conservative candidate in the mayoral race. The fliers were put out by the 527 political action group, "Less Government Now." 527s are political advocacy groups that can only accept unlimited donations as long as they don’t advocate for any specific candidate, but the organization has been connected to the Democratic candidate, Scott Maddox. While it remains unclear if Maddox is aware of this recent attack, he's not exactly the most honorable politician. Just last year he convinced a fake Tea Party candidate to run in order to split the Republican vote. Pretty sneaky, right? Let's just hope the good voters of Tampa don't fall for this misogynistic rhetoric. You can read the rest of the despicable flier below: