Sandra Fluke responds to Rush Limbaugh’s apology

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Law student Sandra Fluke gave her first televised interview on The View today, and shocker of all shockers, she's a lot more articulate than Rush Limbaugh. Unless you've been too busy taking birth control and videotaping yourself having sex like the slut you are, you probably heard that Limbaugh "apologized" to Fluke this weekend for calling her a "slut" last week. More accurately, he seemed to be apologizing to his sponsors who've pulled out, including mattress company Sleep Train. (Insert cheap joke here.)

In her interview today, Fluke called bullshit (in so many words) on Limbaugh's apology. Fluke said she doesn't think his statement changes anything, especially when he's under pressure from sponsors. "This was not someone who made one accidental statement," Fluke said. "This was three days of significant portions of his three hour show… he insulted us, me and the women of Georgetown, over fifty-three times." 

That's a solid point, especially when Limbaugh apologized by saying "[I used] the wrong words in my analogy of the situation." Maybe he should apologize another fifty-two times?