Fox News host unbelievably tells African-American representative to “step away from the crack pipe”

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When someone asks you if Fox News is stupid and offensive, nine times out of ten your automatic response is, "Is the Pope Catholic?" or "Do bears shit in the woods?" or "Does the Pope shit in the woods?" Every once in a while, however, a Fox News correspondent will say something so mind-blowingly stupid and offensive that you are momentarily rendered incapable of speech and thought.

With that said, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to use human language to recount what Fox and Friends host Eric Bolling said about Rep. Maxine Waters Thursday morning. But basically, the folks over at Fox and Friends were sitting around, having their regular cup of morning bile dashed with a shot of hatred, when the conversation turned to Rep. Maxine Waters (D.-Calif.), who recently angered some on the right for describing House Republican leaders Eric Cantor and John Boehner as "demons."

Not content with merely being seen as a low-rent, assbag Dan Marino lookalike, Bolling decided to take steps toward achieving "racist low-rent assbag Dan Marino" status by remarking, "Congresswoman, you saw what happened to Whitney Houston. Step away from the crack pipe, step away from the Xanax, step away from the Lorazepam because it's going to get you in trouble."

Of course, there is no discernible reason why Bolling would tell Waters to "step away" from these drugs, other than that his understanding of people of color probably stems from that one time he saw a Spike Lee movie in college, once, so naturally Bolling's co-hosts were shocked by his comments. One of them remarked, "She's not using drugs." To which Bolling replied, "How else do you explain those comments?" Which is like the "I know you are, but what am I?" defense for racists who've realized they just said something racist.

After the commercial break, Bolling apologized for his remarks, stating, "I just want to say I was kidding about the crack pipe," but keep in mind he used this same excuse when he said, "It's not the first time he's had a hoodlum in the hizzouse" when President Obama invited the president of Gabon over for dinner, then showed a photo of former White House guest/rapper Common. Clearly, dude has a stellar sense of humor, so if he ends up losing his job, he'll always have a gig as a stand-up comic for Stormfront conventions.