Fox Business hosts a debate with an Obama impersonator

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Gary Johnson debates

I guess hiring a fake politician to debate a real one shouldn't come as a surprise to Fox Business viewers. Their affiliate, Fox News, did label a photo of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin after all. But this clip of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson "debating" Obama impersonator Reggie Brown is truly strange. Johnson takes Faux-bama so seriously, he even bangs his head on the podium out of frustration. You'll probably bang your head for other reasons.

To be fair, Ron Paul engaged in the same weird political cosplay in April, and at this point Fox is known for ludicrous stunts anyway. But it makes you wonder, who will be the next in line to take on Faux-bama? Or why stop there? Maybe someone will take on the Founding Fathers to finally clarify modern-day interpretations of the Constitution. The possibilities are endless.