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Given that their coverage of Occupy Wall Street has veered from non-existent to condescending and back, it seems likely that Fox News wasn't look to rally its fans behind the cause when they posted a new poll on their website asking users what they thought of the protest. However, democracy (and the internet) working the way it works, the poll's results didn't quite reflect the network's stance on the movement, showing that sixty-nine (ha) percent of those polled support the protesters. See below for a screenshot: 

Fox News poll

It's unclear exactly how fair and balanced these results actually are, however, given that several liberal sites including Daily Kos caught wind of the poll and sent users in droves to show support for OWS. Either way, this likely won't change Fox's coverage of the protests, or for that matter the opinions of most people reading or voting in the poll. But awkward things happening to Fox News, however ineffectual, are always entertaining. 

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Oct 11 11 - 7:50pm

I think it is short sighted to think that some of those votes are not from real Fox news viewers; there is much in common between OWS and Tea Party protestors.

Oct 12 11 - 12:21am

Not really. The plutocrats don't pay for OWS, but gladly bankroll the teabaggers.

Nov 21 11 - 12:02am
ggg is a dickhead

$ you are correct about the bankrolling of the right, and the lack of it for OWS, but ggg is also right, there is a lot in common between the two movements. And there is too much in common between the neo cons and the Dems, we have a one party system, excepting minor variations in social policies. Meanwhile the grabbing hands grab all they can.

Oct 11 11 - 8:22pm
Guns & Fetuses

Bong hits for Jesus!

Oct 12 11 - 12:25am
Paranoia & Stem Cell

Research for science!

Oct 11 11 - 11:01pm

i don't think people understand.... EVERYONE is part of the 99 percent. even those who may "think" they are rich or may be more well off than others. the reality is that we are all just puppets to those who hold power and wealth in this world. it's like... if someone stole 25 cents from you every day it might not seem like a big deal because it doesnt seem like much but when you finally figure it out you realize that's about 91 dollars a year. that 1 percent is basically doing that.. but with EVERYONE.

Oct 11 11 - 11:37pm

That poll got hijacked by Tumblr reblogging. We uh... have a tendency to bum rush some of their more absurd polls.

Oct 12 11 - 4:19am

Yup, keep telling yourself that, because we aren't voters. DERP!

Oct 12 11 - 5:38pm

SHUT THE FUCK UP TUMBLR! One more outburst like that and I'm leaving you for Reddit forever!

Oct 12 11 - 6:50pm


Oct 12 11 - 12:46am
FOX "News"

Hey, we really try hard to brainwash the masses, but it only seems to work on the "low information voters". (Teabaggers) However, if you want some real news, just turn off the TeeVee and check your bank account.

Oct 12 11 - 1:09am
Koch Bros.

Even if the gov't gave very adult citizen $1 million tax free, most of the 99% would still piss it away and expect more. We can bash the banks all we want, but if the gov't came to you and was willing to throw gobs of cash at you to make up for your mismanagement, everybody on this site would jump at the chance. Zombie makeup? Really? Quit your goddamned crying and go home. Let's all pray for an early winter.

Oct 12 11 - 1:19am

Wall Street is responsible, no matter how much you try to distract or say otherwise. You should start praying that we don't start preying as early as this winter.

Nov 21 11 - 12:08am
teabager=newneo con

the govt. didn't go to anybody to give them money, they have had ex ceo's of goldman sachs as treasurer, and they lobbied like crazy to get that money, because they lobbied like crazy to deregulate the financial system in the first place.

Oct 12 11 - 2:02am
Koch Bros.

It's always somebody else's fault and we should all just have everything handed to us. If we blame others, then we don't have to take responsibility. The best is that everybody here bashes the Republicans, but it's the Dems that bailed out all of the corporations. Too funny.

Oct 12 11 - 4:05am
"Somebody Else"

Somebody else has been busy, indeed. Taking and taking and taking... Always willing to blame the poor and the middle class. 99% bashes the two party system that has failed the American people with their obsession with greed and corruption. We will bash you, and yes, you absolutely deserve it.

Nov 21 11 - 12:11am
teabager=newneo con

It's our fault because we didn't protest sooner. It's the Kich Boors fault for being lying, stealing, greedy, irresponsible rat bastards.

Oct 12 11 - 4:21am

Huh? What? We aren't racists...huh? Wrong thread? Oh. Rich people need more money!! YES! Uh... DERP. yeah.

Oct 12 11 - 8:37am

this poll was influenced by 4chan

Oct 12 11 - 1:47pm

I was influenced by people.

Oct 12 11 - 1:34pm
FOX "News"

We are rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people.

Oct 13 11 - 7:19am

Certain political blogs on Tumblr get wind of these polls and tell us to do our bidding. Time and time again we outvote the Tea Party overwhelmingly. It's come to the point where any internet poll shown on Fox in favor of conservatives and the rich has got to be doctored.

Oct 13 11 - 1:23pm
R Murdoch

Memo to staff: the next fool who dares to ask a question without knowing the answer beforehand will be fired!

Nov 20 11 - 9:06pm

I have been so beiwldeerd in the past but now it all makes sense!