Fox News poll accidentally shows support for Occupy Wall Street

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Given that their coverage of Occupy Wall Street has veered from non-existent to condescending and back, it seems likely that Fox News wasn't look to rally its fans behind the cause when they posted a new poll on their website asking users what they thought of the protest. However, democracy (and the internet) working the way it works, the poll's results didn't quite reflect the network's stance on the movement, showing that sixty-nine (ha) percent of those polled support the protesters. See below for a screenshot: 

Fox News poll

It's unclear exactly how fair and balanced these results actually are, however, given that several liberal sites including Daily Kos caught wind of the poll and sent users in droves to show support for OWS. Either way, this likely won't change Fox's coverage of the protests, or for that matter the opinions of most people reading or voting in the poll. But awkward things happening to Fox News, however ineffectual, are always entertaining.