Fox News distorts unemployment rates in graphs about unemployment rates

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Much of Fox News's fact manipulation is of the in-your-face variety, with hosts simply shouting out anti-Obama rhetoric as Cold Hard Truth and entire half-hours essentially paid advertisements for GOP candidates. But every now and then, they break out subtle tactics that are truly works of art. Sometimes it's a simple substitution of "Obama" for "Osama." Sometimes it's just shifting time a little bit and calling elections early, forcing others to follow suit as to not get "scooped." No doubt, every now and then, I'm sure, they insert a quick subliminal cut of Obama eating from a box of babies.

Well, the folks over at The Society Pages have caught another precious bit of fact-rearranging that's glorious in how subtle the manipulation is. Take a gander and see if you can catch it:

If you're having a hard time spotting it, first take a look at where the 8.9% and 8.8% unemployment rates on the left side of the chart fall on the y-axis. (That's the one that goes up and down, for those among us who've blocked out high school math classes; don't worry, I had to look it up too.) Then, scroll across to the other side — use a ruler or some other straight-edge if necessary—and see where this past November's unemployment rate, the best under President Obama's reign as Commander-in-Chief, falls. That 8.6%? Exactly in the same place as the previous month's 9%!

It makes sense, of course. If you have hours and days of programming scheduled attacking Obama's fiscal policies, how it's creating more unemployment throughout the country than ever before, you certainly don't want the most recent information on your graph to showcase that, you know, there's progress being made.