Gay soldier serving in Iraq booed by GOP debate audience

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Yeah, I'm all out of patience on this one: get it together, GOP debate audience! Having already cheered for the state-imposed death of a possibly innocent man and the negligent death of a hypothetical man without health insurance, Republican debate viewers decided to add to their rap sheet of being actively awful by booing a solider — actively serving in in Iraq — who asked if LGBT soldiers could still put their lives on the line for the U.S. even though they're not straight under a Republican president. Of course not:

In case you're curious, Rick Santorum said that he would most definitely reinstate DADT, because sex has no place in the military, even though that's obviously not the point of this because a straight soldier could mention his wife but a gay soldier would be discharged for mentioning his husband and ugh. Oh, but he also said he wouldn't kick out this soldier, probably because he knows it would look bad but also because our army is critically undermanned!

That none of the candidates condemned the jeers the audience gave this man is pretty terrible, even if Rick Santorum was the only one who was asked to give an actual answer. But I guess he really earns that top Google search result, doesn't he?