Gay troops holding a convention in a Las Vegas casino

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Gay sailors

Wow. That was fast, no? Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still technically pending repeal, and the gays of our nation's armed services are already heading to Vegas to have a big sparkly dance party. Or as the sponsor, OutServe, calls it, the Armed Forces Leadership Summit — a convention for active-duty gay and lesbian troops.

It's pretty striking change in military atmosphere — it's been less than two years since Dan Choi was kicked out the army for coming out on Rachel Maddow. And technically, the whole convention could still be discharged all at once — at least, if DADT isn't officially repealed before the convention (this October). While that's obviously not going to happen, it's still amazing that we've gone from DADT to Viva Las Gaygas in six months.

According to OutServe, the convention's mission is "to provide an international forum on enhancing military readiness through encouraging an environment of respect with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity." But, given the choice of Vegas as a location, and what I know about big groups of gay men, there will also be a lot of big sparkly dance parties. 

They will look approximately like this: