Gay woman gets stay of deportation in the midst of DOMA upheaval

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Monica Alcota (on the right in the above picture) is an Argentinian woman who, having overstayed her tourist visa, is on the verge of deportation — despite being married to Christina Ojeda, an American citizen. Because they're a same-sex couple, they can't get immigration benefits under federal law.

But with the federal Defense of Marriage Act currently in dispute after President Obama ordered the Justice Department to stop defending it last month, a Queens immigration judge postponed Alcota's deportation. Judge Terry Bain wanted to allow for the possibility that DOMA could be overturned, thereby granting Alcota the same right to citizenship through marriage afforded to heterosexual couples.

Bain's action is touching, and the Daily News story reporting about the verdict has some also-touching comments from Ojeda ("She could have said no, but instead she gave us time… Little by little, we're building up hope and more courage"). But the story really highlights exactly how federally mandated anti-gay discrimination really fucks up a lot of people's lives. These are the couples John Boehner and company are intent on hurting, and if the Republicans get their way, Bain's clemency will be undone and Alcota will be back where she started — to say nothing of the people who weren't lucky enough to get a compassionate judge in the first place. DOMA is un-American and should be repealed.