George Takei responds to anti-gay law: “It’s OK to Be Takei”

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Last month, Tennessee's Senate Education Committee passed the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill, which would make it illegal for public-school teachers to discuss homosexuality with kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. It's now pending in the Tennessee Senate. (UPDATE: It passed the Senate today. Still needs to pass the House.) The bill has been a labor of love for state senator Stacey Campfield, who tried for years unsuccessfully to pass it in the state House before becoming a senator. His explanation is that his bill is "neutral," and "lets families decide [how to address homosexuality with their kids]."

To gay activists, the bill is a more pernicious attempt to pretend homosexuality doesn't exist in the hope it will go away. Luckily, Star Trek star and gay renaissance man George Takei has stepped in, offering the state of Tennessee his own surname in place of the word "gay." You can buy "It's OK to Be Takei" merchandise at his online shop, with proceeds going to charity; you should also make sure to watch his video on the subject, a classic of smooth-voiced Takei drollery.