Video: George W. Bush visits Facebook, jokes about Presidency, Bono, Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook George Bush Mark Zuckerberg

Fans of George W. Bush will love this interview with Facebook Live (and Mark Zuckerberg). Conversely, if you've been paying attention for the past ten years, the very sight of Bush kicking back and exchanging fawning pleasantries with Zuckerberg will turn your stomach.

Bush was wondering if his Farmville animals lived [at Facebook] and if he could visit them… Anyway, Bush.. told those assembled stories about Vladimir Putin and his dog.  

He said he was “very impressed” when he met the Facebook people and thought they were all great leaders, like himself. Mark Zuckerberg let Bush know he looks up to him for his leadership skills. Bush advised Zuckerberg that he should never get “intellectually hung up” in what he does. You should be removing your profile from that site if you haven’t already. [Wonkette]

Wonkette was kidding, of course, but he really did praise Bush's leadership skills. (Wonkette also poked fun at Bush for saying he respects Zuckerberg for using common sense and "not his brain" to run the company.)

Here's a rebroadcast from the LiveStream: