Georgia Representative wants to criminalize miscarriages too

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Sometimes I get bummed out living in a big city. Some days, I get tired of looking at cement. Other days, like today, I get onto a subway car and realize, yes, that man shit himself. Then I start getting nostalgic about my home state, Georgia, with its pretty scenery and automobiles. I start wondering why I left. Then I read a story about this dude from my hometown, Republican Representative Bobby Franklin, and realize, yeah, that's why.

Franklin would like to criminalize not only all abortions, but also miscarriages. He would like to make miscarriages — "prenatal murder" as he puts it — punishable by the death penalty. Crazy, right? Of course miscarriage occurs spontaneously; over a quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriages for one reason or another. The Representative doesn't want to criminalize those, but he wants women to prove that they didn't willingly induce a miscarriage, under penalty of death. I am not making this up. Because, you know, when a woman miscarries a pregnancy, what she really wants to do is undergo a legal investigation into the cause of her miscarriage.

This is the same guy who, last year, wanted to change the legal phrasing in Georgia from "rape and domestic violence victims" to "rape and domestic violence accusers." Keeping it progressive, state of Georgia.