Gingrich says he would consider Sarah Palin as running mate

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Tonight in the Tri-State area, when the clock strikes midnight and you hear the sound of what you believe to be revelers tooting noisemakers outside your window, what you'll actually be hearing is the entire SNL writing staff excitement-farting in unison. That's because on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich announced during a conference call "tele-town hall" that he would consider selecting former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in a general election.

"She is certainly one of the people you would look at. I'm a great admirer of hers and she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska, she's somebody who I think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government and that would be one of the possibilities," Gingrich said when one of the attendees at Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition asked whether he would consider Palin as a running mate.

Gingrich, whose numbers have slipped in the polls since he led with a 28 percent rating last month, also went on to add that Palin would be an ideal candidate for a position in his Cabinet, saying he "can't imagine anybody who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin, for example. Tell her that she would certainly be on the list of one of the people we would consider." Happy New Year, guys! It's starting to look like we might be setting a precedent tonight for a very, very drunk and angry 2012.