Good call: Occupy Wall Street is now Occupy the Indoors

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Occupy indoors

Between the demise of tent cities across the country and the ostensible approach of some winter-like weather one of these days, things have been looking a little bleak for OWS. But the zeal lives on! While rags like the Washington Post dance on OWS' "rambling stoner" grave, protestors are making shrewd moves to shift from Occupy Wall Street to occupy the indoors. 

“As we are continually and violently pushed out of public spaces, the people of this city must find new spaces in which to foster dialogue, learn and engage politically. Private spaces must be liberated; the movement must expand,” says a statement from the now-busted but 100 percent-indoor New School occupation in New York. 

The indoors have obvious advantages over the outdoors, especially in the long-term. With respect to sanitation, the indoors have indoor plumbing. They have toasty indoor heating, lights… you know, the works. Occupiers have already made moves in San Francisco, D.C., and London. Ramble on, rambling stoners. Ramble on.